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Midyear Investment Update

As America continued to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic in the first half of 2021, the economy and the equity markets made significant progress.  My midyear report to you is, as always, divided into two parts.

FOMO Will Make Investors FUBAR

FOMO or "Fear of Missing Out" seems to be driving a lot of money discussions these days.  Whether it's hoarding Bitcoin, multiple homebuyers making bids over asking price on houses, or day trading in "meme stocks" like GameStop and AMC it's clear...

Walk Your Way to Investment Success

Famous philosophers back to Aristotle have extolled the virtues of walking to stimulate creativity, mental clarity, happiness, focus, and fresh perspective.  Turns out this ancient practice could benefit your investment portfolio as well.

Nobody "Invests" in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum receive vast amounts of attention from the media, with most headlines touting the incredible price swings in these "investments".  As useful as these may eventually become as a means of exchange, they are...

I Bonds Are A Terrible Investment

Inflation in the US economy is real, and likely to get worse.  Those wishing to better understand what inflation is and how it affects retirees can reference my May 11 blog post.

The Great Goldbug Invasion of 2021

If you live in certain portions of the Midwest and Atlantic coast, you're probably dealing with a terrible swarm of nasty bugs right now.  These bugs appear periodically, preying on innocent people.  Overcome with fear of these horrible creatures,...

Fidelity Rolls Out Worst Product in History of Investing

Just when you thought the stock day trading mania couldn't get any worse, Fidelity Investments decides to help teenagers day trade stocks by rolling out the "Fidelity Youth Account".  You can read about the whole silly concept here.  

“Back to the Future” – The Return of Inflation

In 1985 the movie “Back to the Future” was released. As Wikipedia explains “Set in 1985, the story follows Marty McFly (Fox), a teenager accidentally sent back to 1955 in a time-traveling DeLorean automobile built by his eccentric scientist friend ...

In Investing, Time Is On Your Side

Much ink is spilled each day in the media about the "volatile" stock market.  Even with the S&P 500 up 10% year to date and an incredible 44% in the past year, the media continues to look for the bad news in a sea of good.

Ignore These 2 Investing Conspiracies

Anytime that control of the white house changes political parties, there is going to be change. Beyond standard policy items like taxes and regulation, I have also seen much speculation about “hidden” or “secret” changes that could come about that...