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Is the Roth 401(k) an Option for You?

There is much discussion out there about Roth accounts, most often focused on the Roth IRA.  But did you know that many employer-sponsored retirement plans now offer a Roth 401(k) feature?

Know What You Own

"Know what you own, and why you own it."

Cheerios:  A Retirement Lesson

For years now Cheerios have been the most widely known breakfast brand in the United States.  Everybody seems to have them in the pantry.  When I was a kid my favorite breakfast was a bowl of cheerios with banana slices and sugar (LOTS of sugar). ...

5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Retiring

Last week I met with a new prospective client.  He's in his mid-50's and feels like it's time for him to retire.  He had run the numbers and, I agreed, seemed to be in a good financial position.  He had enough saved up in his 401(k), his company was...

Is 10 Years a Long Time In Investing?

Ten years seems like a long time to measure an investment.  But which ten years you measure can make a tremendous difference.

Midyear Investment Update

As America continued to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic in the first half of 2021, the economy and the equity markets made significant progress.  My midyear report to you is, as always, divided into two parts.

FOMO Will Make Investors FUBAR

FOMO or "Fear of Missing Out" seems to be driving a lot of money discussions these days.  Whether it's hoarding Bitcoin, multiple homebuyers making bids over asking price on houses, or day trading in "meme stocks" like GameStop and AMC it's clear...

Walk Your Way to Investment Success

Famous philosophers back to Aristotle have extolled the virtues of walking to stimulate creativity, mental clarity, happiness, focus, and fresh perspective.  Turns out this ancient practice could benefit your investment portfolio as well.

Nobody "Invests" in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum receive vast amounts of attention from the media, with most headlines touting the incredible price swings in these "investments".  As useful as these may eventually become as a means of exchange, they are...

I Bonds Are A Terrible Investment

Inflation in the US economy is real, and likely to get worse.  Those wishing to better understand what inflation is and how it affects retirees can reference my May 11 blog post.