The Oxford Oracle

Five Words of Wisdom

At Oxford Financial Partners, our fundamental belief is that it’s never “different this time.” Our longtime clients, going back a decade or two, could have cried that the sky was falling on any number of occasions – and sometimes that is what seemed...

The Five Percent Limit

Bad things can happen to really good companies. Your company’s generous retirement contributions may have made you rich on paper while you were still working, but the game is how to remain financially comfortable after you retire. Placing all your...

Five Years of Stability

Every portfolio is different, and however, certain foundational elements remain the same. The area we’re concerned with today is what we call Five Years of Stability, and it’s a critical building block for any retirement plan. This stability is...

Living on Five Percent

You’ve saved and saved and saved… and then saved some more. Are you ready for retirement? Do you have enough to make the withdrawals you need to cover your expenses (and dreams) and not deplete your savings? The short answer is, maybe...

An Introduction to Power of Five Investing

In the beginning, investing seems really complicated. And honestly, it can be. Much of our job is breaking down the complex nature of the markets, investment options and investment strategies – and helping our clients do the same.

Retirees Get Good News From IRS in 2022

You read that correctly.  The IRS is finally doing something to slightly improve the tax burden on retirees.

How's Your Stability Bucket?

You may have heard that volatility has returned to the stock market.

2021 Market Review

I hope this letter finds you and your family healthy and happy as we begin the new year.