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Erik Christman

14 Expert Tips For Protecting Your Wealth With Inflation On The Rise

In recent months, the cost of goods across the United States has been increasing. The Consumer Price Index was up 6.2% year over year in October 2021—its steepest increase in more than 30 years. More economists are beginning to speculate that the...

Hedging Your Portfolio Against Rising Interest Rates: Experts Weigh In

Financial professionals, investment firms, businesses and consumers across the U.S. have been keeping an eye on news stories about a possible rise in interest rates in recent weeks. Rising interest rates can impact the potential gains investors can...

15 Expert-Recommended Financial Resources For Small-Business Owners

The past year has been a difficult one for all businesses, but particularly so for small-business owners. Now more than ever, they need all the quality financial advice and experience they can tap into.

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