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Erik Christman

Retirees Get Good News From IRS in 2022

You read that correctly.  The IRS is finally doing something to slightly improve the tax burden on retirees.

How's Your Stability Bucket?

You may have heard that volatility has returned to the stock market.

2021 Market Review

I hope this letter finds you and your family healthy and happy as we begin the new year.

Don’t Overlook These 13 Financial Factors In Your Retirement Plan

Retirement planning is a lifelong process that can shift as time goes on. Details such as your retirement goals, your post-retirement tax burden and your level of savings can all ebb and flow depending on your financial circumstances. However,...

I Don't Know

Want to know if you're dealing with an honest investment advisor?  Ask them this one simple question:  "Where do you think the market is going?"

The Biggest Retirement Risk

In the article Setting Your Investment Policy we established that stocks are a proven tool for funding long-term retirement goals, and that they are inherently volatile.  These realities should be documented between a client and their advisor in a...

Setting Your Investment Policy

Year to date the S&P 500 has set new record highs 53 times.  While the market has cooled a bit of late, it's still up more than 18% for the year.  At this point some experts are predicting continued strong gains, while others suggest the market is...